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Inkbunny is an art community for sharing your best work. We welcome sketches, works in progress, and other incomplete work, but we encourage you to dedicate most of your gallery to your best completed creations.

This Acceptable Content Policy forms part of the overall Terms of Service.

Content Rules

There are the following restrictions and rules on content you upload:


The work you upload must be created by you, or for you. If you did not create the artwork and it was created for you then you must indicate in the Description who created it. You must be the copyright owner of the artwork and all the characters they contain, or you must have permission from the copyright owners to post their art or characters.

"Fan art" of commercial copyright characters is allowed in free uploads, provided you do not sell the work on Inkbunny and you indicate who owns the characters.

Derivative Works

Posting submissions that contain portions of other artists' work (such as using them for backgrounds or other components) is allowed only if you have received their permission to do so. The works you create using portions of other artists' work must be sufficiently unique to be considered a new creation.

Posting re-colors or shading of other artists' work is allowed if they have given permission directly to you, and when it is clear you put in significant effort to change or enhance that work. Simply adjusting hue and color balance values, or other superficial changes are not sufficient.


Using portions of other artists' work, such as tracing, is not permitted without the artist's permission.

Remixes and Mashups

Sampling tracks for use in music or creating "mashups" is permitted in audio submissions as long as the work you create is something significantly original, and you credit the source. Where possible, you should seek permission from the source.

Human Characters

Human characters are permitted in artwork, however they must not appear in sexual situations and must not show genitals, anal details, or sexual arousal. Censored art involving humans must plausibly depict a non-sexual situation.

Human characters are permitted in stories only so long as they are not involved in sexual situations of any kind. This policy also applies to thumbnails for stories and music.

Characters that are essentially human (pixies, faeries, elves, orcs, trolls, etc) or just have ears/tails or other superficial animal features applied are considered human for this rule.


Photographs are permitted on Inkbunny if they are of things made by you or for you or are a background part of an artwork.

Inkbunny is not to be used for displaying general photography, even if it is just for your friends. There are lots of great sites that specialize in photography and we encourage you to use those instead for your event and personal photography.

With that in mind, please ensure any photography you upload to Inkbunny meets these conditions:

  • It must be a photo of something created by you or for you (eg: fursuits, sculptures, jewelry, clothing, etc) OR the photo comprises a secondary component of an artwork (eg: A digital artwork with a photograph of scenery used as the background). Commercial items (such as toy models) that you purchase and assemble and/or paint are not accepted.
  • General photography of pets, people, places, events, etc is not permitted unless it meets the previous rule (eg: it is of your fursuit at a convention).
  • Please limit photographs of the same item (eg: the same fursuit, jewelry, etc) to a maximum of three or so images.
  • It must not show actual people or actual animals engaged in sexual activity, or show nudity or arousal.
  • Photographs containing actual animals should not focus unduly on their genitals.
  • It must not show actual body fluids, waste, blood, gore or death, or allude to sexual activities or illegal activities.
  • Photographs that have been traced or have had filters or effects applied to make them look like artwork will still have these rules applied to them.


Use of open-source AI tools combined with freely-available models is permitted, with appropriate keywords and limits on excessive or commercial use

Inkbunny wants to help its members share and enjoy AI experiments and knowledge and benefit from assistance with tedious tasks, while limiting the impact on existing creators and the site in general, and discouraging proprietary tools or services based on harvesting publicly-accessible work to create a walled garden.

For all AI-generated or AI-assisted content:

  • You must not post work using closed-source tools or services that do not make their code and models freely available for others to reuse in an equivalent manner
    • This includes services such as Midjourney and NovelAI that are based on proprietary models
  • You must not use the names of living or recently-deceased creators (within the last 25 years) or their non-commercial characters as prompts without their permission, nor train models and/or use artist-focused LoRAs to obtain a similar effect
  • The description must contain all prompts, seeds and LoRAs passed to AI tools and must indicate the generator, training model and version or hash used - for advanced projects that cannot be described in this manner, attach the workflow JSON as an additional file

If your work is mostly or fully generated by AI:

  • The work must be tagged with the ai_generated keyword, the name of the tool and model that was used
  • You must not post submissions offering such content for commission or paid adoption
  • You must use a multi-file submission containing no more than six pieces of work for work generated via the same prompt

If you used an AI tool to assist in the creation of assets or backgrounds for an otherwise manually-created work:

  • The image must be tagged with the ai_assisted keyword, the name of the tool and model that was used
  • You must indicate what parts of the work were AI generated in the description
  • You may sell and offer commissions for content using AI-generated assets or backgrounds, but you must notify customers of its use beforehand

If you used an AI tool to produce assisted output from input you created (eg. img2img):

  • The image must be tagged with the ai_assisted keyword
  • You must include the original input as part of the submission
    • We don't require every subsequent hand-drawn input, but a viewer should understand how the end result was obtained through use of the tools
    • If initially created in a recorded stream, a link may be helpful

If you used an AI tool to modify your own work, such as frame interpolation or upscaling:

  • You must include the original input as part of the submission or as a scrap
  • No extra sale restrictions or keyword requirements apply


Video is permitted on Inkbunny, and must follow all the rules outlined here.

If it contains live action then it must follow all the same rules contained in "Photography" above.


No images intended to harass anyone.


No screenshots from games or other software unless they show your own artwork or creations. Your creations in the screenshot must be original and not just modifications of standard avatars, models, templates, etc that come with the software or that you purchased from other creators.

No frames or segments (or portions of those) from movies, animations, TV shows, etc that you don't own copyright to.

User Icons and Thumbnails

User Icons and thumbnails you upload must also adhere to these rules. User icons must not contain adult material or visible genitals. Icons and Thumbnails that are purely a photograph are permitted. Animated icons must not contain rapidly flashing or flickering content that could annoy users.


All users must abide by the Keyword Policy which forms part of this Acceptable Content Policy.

Reposting and Reminders

The same work must not be posted to your own account more than once within 72 hours, or more than three times in total, regardless of whether other posts are subsequently deleted. Journals referencing or including thumbnails of submissions do not count for this purpose.


We reserve the right to remove any content we think may be harmful to the site or its users in any way, even if the content complies with all the rules.

Special rules for submissions you sell

  1. The integrated Sales system is only for selling the file you provide to us as the "Sales File". You may not use the Sales system as a dummy/proxy system to sell items such as commission slots or other items promised to the user to be delivered "externally" as part of the sale.
  2. If you did not create the artwork, but it is something you commissioned or that your character appeared in, you still need to ask the artists' permission before selling the work. Paying for commissioned work does not automatically give you the right to sell it.
  3. Items for sale may not contain artwork of copyright or trademark characters that you do not own or do not have permission to use. This includes personal characters and also commercial characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. We may remove such uploads even if the original copyright owners do not lodge formal complaints with us.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any work for sale, cancel all transactions associated with it and refund customers for any reason we deem necessary in the interest of operating and protecting the site and its users, even if the submission does not break any site rules. Transactions may be cancelled and customers refunded for this reason regardless of whether the customers received the item they purchased or not.

What is a Furry?

Furry characters are anthropomorphic animals with human-like features or intelligence. They are often portrayed as walking upright on two legs, but may also appear walking on all-fours, more like the original animal they are derived from. Furries can be based on any species of animal, real or imagined, including those without fur.

Inkbunny is an art community especially for the subject of these Furry characters.

The word Furry can also refer to people that are fans of these characters, and to the worldwide community they belong to.

For more information, check out the WikiFur article on Furries.