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This Keyword Policy forms part of the site rules which all users of Inkbunny are expected to abide by.

For more suggestions and general information on keywording, see the Keywords FAQ page.

Why Keywords are Important

Keywords are very important as an essential part of organising any large archive of artistic media.

They help users find your work when they are searching for it specifically or when searching for a general theme. Keywords also help users avoid your work when there is content they do not wish to see.

To promote the most useful and usable archive of artistic work, we insist on a minimum standard of keywording on every submission uploaded to Inkbunny.

Adding good keywords to your submissions takes just a few seconds per upload and adds value to both your collection and to the entire archive as a whole.

Please do not add joke keywords. Abuse of the keywording system by posting deliberately nonsensical, incorrect or misleading keywords is not tolerated. Using the keyword suggestion system to harass members will be taken seriously.

Adding Keywords as the Submission Owner

Minimum Required Keywords

As the submission owner your are obliged to add the following minimum of keywords to your uploads where applicable:

  • The sex of individuals that appear in the submission. Eg: male, female, herm.
  • The species of individuals that appear in the submission. Eg: fox, rabbit, raccoon.
  • Keywords describing the essential themes portrayed in the submission. Eg: macro, inflation, cub.
It is especially important that you add keywords describing themes that you think users would commonly use to find your submission or what they might commonly wish to avoid seeing.

If you disable "keyword suggestions" from other users, it is especially important you are careful to adhere to this minimum keywording requirement.

Please note that this minimum keywords policy does not apply to submissions uploaded before this policy was officially announced on 19th July 2012. However we would be grateful if submission owners would go back and review their past uploads to ensure they comply, as that would help improve the archive as a whole.

Further Keywording

You are not obliged to add more than the above described minimum keywords to your submissions but we suggest adding as many as you sensibly can if you have time to do so.

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too many keywords! Be sure to add only keywords which you feel would genuinely be used to either find or block the submission. Keywording every single object in the entire image, for example, is not useful and can actually harm the effectiveness of keyword searches.

We suggest considering keywords relating to:

  • Themes or important objects in the submission beyond the bare minimum required, e.g. sun, surf, waves, beach, sunset, sand, surf_board, life_jacket.
  • Ages of characters, e.g. young, adult, old.
  • Common abbreviations for sex combinations in a submission, e.g M/F, F/F, M/M, M/H/H, F/b, b/g, etc.
  • Gender variance, e.g. transgender, transsexual, transwoman, transman, MtF, FtM, androgynous, crossdressing
  • Art style or media used, e.g. traditional, charcoal, digital.

Please note that if you keep "keyword suggestions" enabled on your account, you give other Inkbunny community members a chance to help add these extra keywords to your uploads, which improves the value and usefulness of the entire archive as a whole.

For more suggestions and general information on keywording, see the Keywords FAQ page.

Adding Keywords as Suggestions to Others

Inkbunny allows members to suggest keywords on any submission. You will find a "Suggest Keywords" box under the keyword listing on submissions.

Note that submissions owners can disable the keyword suggestion feature per submission or for their entire account.

Suggested keywords immediately allow the image to be found using that keyword via search, and for the submission to be blocked by that keyword if users have it added to their blocked keywords list.

The ability to suggest keywords on other people's accounts is a privilege. All users start with this ability but it will be taken away if they are found to be abusing it. Please make sure your keyword suggestions are useful and that they enhance the Inkbunny archive. You are expected to be polite, respectful and helpful to the owner of the submission with your suggestions and discussions surrounding words they accept or reject.

The account owner is presented with a list of keyword suggestions for each of their submissions which they can then accept or reject.

If you are blocked from keywording on an account or banned from an account then you will not be able to suggest keywords there.

The account owner has the final say in what keywords apply to their submission. Only in extreme cases will Inkbunny staff insist on particular keywords being applied to an upload.

Please see "Further Keywording" above for advice on what kinds of keywords might be suitable and what to avoid.

Please note that at this time there is a "cooldown" period of 3 months before new accounts gain the ability to suggest keywords.

Help with Keywording

If you need help with the keywording policy or general assistance with the keywording feature, please feel free to contact our staff via a Support Ticket.