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What We're All About

Inkbunny is a furry art community that provides professional services for artists to showcase their artwork, comics, stories, music and animations. They can share it freely, or sell it as Digital Downloads.

We strive to create a community that is open, vibrant and growing. We consider freedom of artistic expression as a top priority.

The majority of artwork on Inkbunny is free. Only some of it is for sale.

We do not take fees or make any profit from sales that occur through Inkbunny. Inkbunny relies on donations from members to pay all hosting fees and other operating costs. We are constantly improving the Inkbunny software and service with regular updates in response to feedback from members.

If you could assist us with these ongoing costs, please consider donating to us. You can also support the Inkbunny community and your favorite artists by buying the work they offer for sale or making donations directly to them.

The Revolution

Selling your work through Inkbunny is a great way to get it to the people who want to buy it.

At Inkbunny we believe two revolutionary things about selling art; That people want to buy your work even if they can get it for free elsewhere, and that you should not worry too much about piracy of your work.

People will buy artists' work if it is easy to find, easy to access, easy to pay for, is their best work, is unique, is meaningful and is something that inspires them.

Support What You Believe In

If you actively support your favorite artists then they will make more of the stuff you love. Whether your support is simply words of thanks, a donation, or buying their work, it encourages them to do better and focus more time on their art. It makes their hard work more rewarding.

Paying for artist's work and donating to them is a great way to support the Inkbunny community.

The attitude of the whole Inkbunny community towards actively supporting artists, and a willingness to give, will be key to its success.

Chill Out

Don't worry too much about piracy. Yes, you just read that in the rules on a commercial art site. We're here to do things differently for a change!

Too much time and energy has been spent worrying about an issue that has been beyond our control since the dawn of the Internet. It's time for us all to get on with making great art and connecting with our supporters.

It is the very "problem" of this new medium, the ease of distributing content and connecting to users, that allows artists to make money from their artwork more effectively than ever before. Zero publishing costs and instant access for customers makes digital sales a powerful evolution, regardless of the ease of piracy being a side-effect.

This attitude is one that has grown rapidly over the last few years, as we all learn new ways to use the Net to our advantage personally and commercially. The Inkbunny community is designed to harbor and support this new ideal.

If you are concerned about your work being distributed, the most effective things you can do are getting your name on Do Not Post lists on the major sharing sites that have them, and to make it clear that you do not want your work posted elsewhere.

Remember that people respond best to polite requests. Most of the time, asking nicely and making reasonable statements will get you what you want.

Ranting and grand-standing about piracy, on both sides of the argument, can hurt your reputation and ours. Because the debate has been done to death and nothing has changed as a result of that arguing, it is not a welcome topic of discussion on Inkbunny. Making a spectacle out of legal action relating to piracy is also not welcome here.

Impersonation and Theft-for-Profit

Impersonating artists and selling their work for profit without their authorisation is a crime. We may give your full payment/personal details to artists and authorities, if you are caught trying to use Inkbunny to rip artists off in this way.


No one has the right to harass anyone for their tastes or the content of artwork they post on Inkbunny. Inkbunny encourages a community where people of all artistic interests can co-exist, focused on furry art and fiction. The community attitude is one of acceptance of the widest possible range of views and ideas, as long as they do not encourage hate and intolerance.

Advocacy of real-life paedophilia is not allowed, and such content will be removed.

Deal With It

It is not everyone else's responsibility to prevent you from seeing what you don't want to see. We provide rating-, keyword- and artist-based blocking to help you filter content.

If you think someone has mis-rated a submission or forgotten an important keyword, please either contact the owner of the work politely to inform them of the mistake and ask they correct it, or ask staff to review it. Where there's ambiguity, the artist has the final say as to what keywords apply. You do not have the right to harass them. Moderators may occasionally insist on certain keywords being applied, but only under exceptional circumstances.


Unless an artist asks for public critique of their work, it is better to point out mistakes or make suggestions via a Private Message.

Harassment and bullying is not tolerated here. We enable members to deal with trouble-makers directly. Members can delete comments on their own account and submissions, or ban offenders from their account, all without any intervention from moderators.

Have Fun

Most of all; have fun and don't take anything too seriously! We're all here to enjoy art. It's that simple. If it stops being fun then it's time to turn off the computer and do something else worthwhile.