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Any account you "Watch" will then send you Notices about submission uploads, journals, streams, etc by that account.

Watching an Account

You can watch an account by going to the Userpage for that member, and clicking the "Watch User" link at the top of the page.

Banned Users and Watches

Users banned from your account can watch it, but you will not be notified.


Any member you "Friend" will have access to your private content, and you will have access to theirs.

The Friends Only icon friends_only_large.png will appear on any item that is visible only by Friends of the owner.

You must also be watching a member to receive notifications for their private content.

Enable/disable receiving Friend Requests

To turn on/off the ability to receive Friend Requests from others, go to your Account Settings and change the checkbox under "Private Content" titled "Allow Friend Requests".

Setting Content Private

To set your content private and make it accessible by Friends only, make sure the "Friends Only" option is ticked when you upload it. You can also change this option later when you Edit an item.

This option is available for Submissions, Journals and Streams.

"Friends Only" private content will be visible only to users listed as your Friends. It is hidden from all other users.

Setting Private by Default

To have all your new content set to Friends Only private mode by default, make sure the option is ticked in your Account Settings.

Sending a Friend Request

You can friend an account by going to the Userpage for that member, and clicking the "Friend User" link at the top of the page. This will send a "friend request" that they will then have to accept before your accounts become linked as Friends.

For two accounts to be linked as friends, the friend request must be accepted by the recipient.

Accepting a Friend Request

To accept a friend request, go to the userpage of the user who sent the request and click "Accept Friend Request" at the top of the page. You can also accept the friend request when it shows up on your Notices page.

Friends List

A full list of your Confirmed friends and Pending friend requests can be found on your Friends page.

You can access your Friends List any time by going to your Userpage and clicking the "Friends List" link at the top under User Admin.

Your friends list is private and is only visible to you and to staff. However, individual members can always tell whether or not you are friends with them.

Banned Users and Friends

Users banned from your account will be removed from your friends list and cannot send you friend requests. If they were previously a Friended account, they will cease to have access to your private "Friends Only" content. You will also cease to have access to their private content.