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Paper, equipment and margins

  • Paper for all print sizes is Epson double-weight photo glossy rolled stock, on an Epson Stylus Pro 10000 wide-format inkjet printer using archival inks.

For 8.5" x 11" the minimum margins are 1/4"; all other sizes have a minimum of 1/8". The image will not be cropped or adjusted to fill the area – it will be shrunk to fit – so if the image is not of the correct aspect ratio, the margin on two sides will be larger. To fill the page to the margin, the artwork has to be sized appropriately by the artist.

Packaging and shipping

We will attempt to ship up to 15 images of any size for $6 within the continental US, or at prices starting at $12 internationally.

Smaller prints will be flat packed (using firm packaging) or sent in tubes. Larger ones will always be in tubes. Shipping material is opaque.

Image preparation

The print quality ultimately depends on the source image. Inkbunny recommends artists strive to produce the highest-quality source possible for the best results.

Colour management and file format

Artists should upload in CMYK format for sales files intended for printing, using the US WEB Uncoated v2 ICC/ICM profile (or failing that, a default CMYK profile). For best results, scanners and displays should also use appropriate profiles.

Be warned that converting RGB images to CMYK, or adding a color profile after you draw the image, will cause changes in the appearance of the image. If you know it is destined for print, it is best to draw the image in CMYK mode and with a color profile assigned from the very beginning.

Recommended file format is LZW-compressed TIFF. LZW compression is lossless, so your image will not lose any quality, but the file size will be smaller. PNG and JPEG are also supported for print on Inkbunny. JPEG is not recommended as it uses lossy compression which can reduce your image quality.

As of July 2010 there is a 300Mb file size limit on uploads to Inkbunny.

Print sizes

To enable a print, the length of the longest edge of the image must meet or exceed the length of the longest edge of the minimum print size. The sizes below assume an appropriate aspect ratio.

  • 5.5" x 8.5" — minimum 825 x 1275px, recommended 1650 x 2550px or higher
  • 8.5" x 11" — minimum 1275 x 1650px, recommended 2550 x 3300px or higher
  • 18" x 24" — minimum 2700 x 3600px, recommended 5400 x 7200px or higher
  • 24" x 36" — minimum 4800 x 7200px, recommended 7200 x 10800px or higher

Most images should be at least at 300 DPI (though higher is better) at the largest print size selected. Inkbunny accepts a minimum of 200 DPI for 24" x 36" and 150 DPI for smaller sizes, but these resolutions should only be used if the artwork is suitable (big brush strokes and large areas of uniform color).