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We hope members will contribute applications that use the API (see below) to deliver Inkbunny content in new ways, such as on portable devices, or allow users to do things that the core Inkbunny software doesn't yet support. Other scripts and mods such as using tools like Greasemonkey to modify Inkbunny on your browser are also most welcome. Translation mods or customized changes to the behavior and appearance of pages are just two examples of things that are possible with Greasemonkey.

All contributions are provided by the community for free use. They are not officially endorsed or supported by Inkbunny or its staff, and do not come with any warranties, but are listed here as a free public resource.

Hacks that bypass security measures or break our site are of course not what we are encouraging! Hopefully if you find any of those you'll be nice and tell us.

How to Contribute

If there is anything you think you could contribute to Inkbunny that would be suitable to add to this page, please file a support ticket to let us know.

Things to consider

Please be considerate of our bandwidth and server load when writing your scripts and mods. Many sites discourage community-contributed hacks because they can place an unnecessary extra load on the server. We'd rather encourage coders, and help get your awesome ideas working well for you and for us.

Scripts that load lots of large images rapidly, or run complex searches frequently, may put a big strain on our server. Be efficient, and try to get your scripts providing the most functionality while placing the least possible load. This will give your users the best experience, and ensure we can keep providing the fastest possible data and search speeds to you!

Where possible, your scripts must use the API to interact with Inkbunny. The Inkbunny HTML interface should only be accessed by human users, and scripts that modify its behavior for those users.

We reserve the right to block misbehaving scripts or mods that do not follow these guidelines.

Application Programming Interface (API)

External scripts must interact with Inkbunny via the Application Programming Interface (API). The API gives you a powerful set of tools for interacting directly with the core functionality of Inkbunny.

Code Examples for the API

Sample Upload Form

A sample upload form, using the API Upload interface, can be found here

To use this form, a valid Session ID (SID) must be obtained by logging in via API Login and then entered in to the "SID" field.

Libraries for the API

The following are contributed code libraries used for connecting to the Inkbunny API.

C Library by DusXMT

The libibapi library by DusXMT aids development of programs that work with the Inkbunny API, without needing to manually compose HTTP queries or parse the response in JSON or XML format.

The library is intended to be portable across most major operating systems, relying on GLib, json-glib and either libcurl or libsoup. Examples are available, including a command-line gallery manager, as well as pre-compiled Windows binaries and source tarballs with pre-generated configuration scripts.

Apps using the API

These links are provided at your own risk. Inkbunny does not officially recommend any apps, except FA2IB, which is developed and hosted by an Inkbunny staffer.

You must enable API access in your account settings before most of these will work properly.

Gallery management tools

These help you copy work between sites, or upload to multiple sites at once. Please read our Acceptable Content Policy before selecting uploads, and review ratings and keywords before publication.


You can copy your Fur Affinity submissions to Inkbunny with FA2IB, created by Salmy. You can choose what to import, and it will be uploaded as a series of hidden submissions for your review prior to publication. Files posted to FA may have been resized and/or quality-reduced, especially if they were originally larger than 1280px in either dimension - you can edit a submission's files after import to replace the images, before or after publication.

ArtWatcher for Windows and Linux

ArtWatcher is a Java-based application for Windows and Linux by Jack Mcslay which allows you to submit work and view art, journal and comment notifications and browse your followers and members you are following, on Inkbunny, Fur Affinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, deviantART, tumblr and Flickr, with varying levels of support for other sites.

Furry Art Multiuploader

Furry Art Multiuploader is a web-based uploader by Syfaro which offers a simple way to post your art to multiple sites and accounts. Supports Inkbunny, deviantART, Fur Affinity, Furry Network, SoFurry, Tumblr, Twitter and Weasyl.


LazyCrossposter is a Java/Selenium-based crossposting tool by Nsyse, supporting Inkbunny, Fur Affinity, SoFurry, Furiffic, DeivantArt, and Weasyl. (No public site is available as of June 2016; some setup is required.)


PostyBirb is a crossposting tool for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux by Lemonynade, supporting Inkbunny, Fur Affinity, DeviantArt, Furry Network, Furiffic, SoFurry, Pixiv, Route50, Tumblr, Twitter, Weasyl and e621.

ZooKeeperSharp for Windows (C#)

ZooKeeperSharp by Kitashi is a gallery management tool for Inkbunny, Weasyl, Fur Affinity and Furry Network.

Download tools

These tools help you download a copy of content hosted on our server to your computer. Inkbunny considers bulk downloads to be a legitimate use of our service. (Indexers may find our daily sitemaps useful.)

For best performance, set your content server to Virginia (North/South America) or the Netherlands Cache, and schedule bulk downloads as close to 08:00-16:00 GMT/UTC+0 as possible.

Inkbunny Downloader for Firefox

The Inkbunny Downloader by humbird0 is a Firefox extension that assists in the downloading of files from Inkbunny into organized folders.

You may also need a patch which was released by Xial; and as of September 2017 it is not a WebExtension, so is incompatible with Firefox 57 and above.

IB Downloader for Windows (.NET 4.x)

IB Downloader by BunnyFoxglove for Windows helps you download various submissions, including your favorites, watched users, a specific user's gallery, a search, or lists of submissions. Includes block options. Requires .NET 4.0 or above (use .NET 4.5 if not on XP).

Just Another Inkbunny Downloader for Windows/Linux/OSX (PHP)

Just Another Inkbunny Downloader (JAID) by smaxattax downloads/syncs all submissions from a list of users. Requires PHP and Aria2 and should work on any PHP-running platform (e.g. Linux, Windows, OSX).

Furry-Downloader for Node.js

Furry-Downloader by SladeH is a favourite downloader for Inkbunny, e621, Fur Affinity and potentially other furry websites. Requires Node.js.

Fur Affinity Mirror Bot for Windows/Linux/OSX (Python)

FurAffinity Mirror Bot (fa_mirror) by is a watched user image downloader that supports Inkbunny, Weasyl, SoFurry and Fur Affinity. Requires Python 2.x.

Mobile app

Offers a different interface for browsing Inkbunny content on mobile devices.

AndroBunny for Android

AndroBunny by Issarlk is a submission-browsing app. (This application appears to be broken as of 2014; a link is provided in case that changes.)


Auction RunneR

Auction RunneR (ARR) by Ryotsuke is a website which hosts multi-site auctions, which also sends you outbid PMs.

Fur Affinity Exodus Helper

Fur Affinity Exodus Helper by Kobi Tate is a website which examines your Fur Affinity watchers and identifies matching usernames on Inkbunny, DeviantArt, SoFurry and Weasyl.

FurST for Windows (.NET WPF)

FurST by Phrixus is a multi-site notification monitor for Inkbunny, Fur Affinity and Weasyl.


InkBunny PM Desktop Notifications

IB PM Notifications (original journal, alternate versions) by Whippy is a script which can be used in combination with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey to provide visual and (optional, disabled by default) audio notification of a newly-arrived private message.

IB Quick Ban

IB Quick Ban by Whippy is a script which can be used in combination with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey to quickly ban users.

Here's what it does on the portal / notices page: creates an Oscar the grouch image that slides in from the right when you drag a comment, shout, or journal comment. Dropping the comment on the image will run an ajax request to delete the comment. It will show an alert with the response text. Then it will reload the page. On the private notices page it creates a ban button that will appear when you roll your mouse over it on the left side. Clicking the button checks all the checkboxes of that user's messages. It gets the user's id number from their page and other needed info from the pm's page. It will also run an ajax request to ban the user. Also, it replaces the href of the user's name with a javascript:void(0); and adds an onclick function that will check all the checkboxes on that user's messages, for easy deleting