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What Are Favorites / Star Ratings?

Each Inkbunny account has a Favorites Gallery. This is separate from your own Main and Scraps Galleries.

Favorites are submissions by other members that you particularly like and want share with your Watchers or easily find again later.

When you mark something as a "Favorite", it is added to your Favorites gallery. Your Favorites Gallery is publicly visible.

When adding a favorite to your Favorites Gallery, you must choose the number of "Stars" to assign it.

Note that the submission owner does not see how many stars you assigned to their work (unless they go and look at your Favorites Gallery later and then sort by Stars to see). Stars do not affect how "popular" an image is or give it any other special preference in the system.

The number of Stars is a way for you to personally sort your Favorites Gallery into three levels when you look at it later.

Assigning and Removing

Under each submission there is a label that says "Favorite:" and three grayed-out star ratings. Simply click the desired number of stars to assign and it will light up, indicating the assignment.

To remove a favorite from your Favorites Gallery, click the "Remove Favorite" link that appears beside those star ratings in the submission.

Sorting By Stars

Any time you are viewing a member's Favorites, you can sort by the number of stars they assigned them. Just look for the Sort Order dropdown near the top of the page and chose "Sort by Stars".

Viewing Favorites

Every member's Favorites Gallery (including your own!) can be accessed by going to the member's Userpage and clicking the "Favorites" link at the top. To get to your own Userpage quickly, just click your name in the site menu.

Favorites on your Submissions

You can see a list of members who have faved any one of your submissions by clicking the Favorites link in the Stats section of any of your submission pages.

Favorites by Members you Watch

You can quickly view all Favorites by Members you Watch. Just click Favorites by Members you Watch at the top of the Popular or Unread Notices pages.