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Inkbunny supports the "Do Not Track" feature which is becoming widely supported by modern browsers.

This tells our web tracker that you do not want your browsing data included in our site usage statistical analysis. Note that our tracker can only track what pages you are viewing on Inkbunny, and cannot tell what you do outside Inkbunny.

We host our own web tracker on our own server so there is no third-party (like Google Analytics, for example) seeing your IB browsing history and storing it elsewhere.

We never share this data and we use it only to see what pages of the site are viewed the most, and how users generally navigate through the site. The data is combined in to graphs without any specific data on individual users and this is only viewed by our site admins.

User browsing data is stored only for a few days before being aggregated in to these graphs and it is then deleted.

But in the the spirit of protecting your privacy and encouraging other sites to support this feature, we thought we'd point out this opt-out option!

For more information on what it is and how to enable it in Firefox, check out

Most of the latest versions of the top browsers have this option or it will be coming soon. Check the online documentation for your browser if you can't find it!