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Inkbunny supports the "Do Not Track" feature, available in browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer. This tells our tracking software that you do not want us to record your visit.

Like most websites, Inkbunny collects data about how visitors arrive and navigate through the site, as well as what they're using to visit and where they come from. We store this data on our own dedicated servers, and use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy, to support site operations and drive future development - for example, it helps us to decide:

This data is stored for a matter of days before being aggregated into long-term reports. It can only be viewed by site administrators - our content serving partners do not have access - and we use the self-hosted Matamo (aka Piwik) rather than a third-party solution such as Google Analytics. However, in the the spirit of protecting your privacy and encouraging other sites to support this feature, we thought we'd point out the availability of this opt-out.

Regardless of this option, information on which submissions and journals you visit will be stored for a day or so. There is no user interface for this data; it is used solely for the purpose of determining accurate view counts.

Raw page accesses are also logged by our web server - not for analytics purposes, but to diagnose technical issues and problematic use of our services (e.g. excessive search indexing). Such logs are deleted periodically.