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This page is talks about the blocking options available to you on Inkbunny, and how to use them.

Adding By Hand

This is a good place to start if you know there are some themes you'd rather not see. To do this just navigate to your "Account Settings" by clicking the crossed wrenches ( account.png ) and then either navigate to Ratings & Content Control or click wax seal & ribbon ( application-certificate.png ) to jump to it.

From here you have some options:

  • Allowed Ratings - This is a good place to start as they are controls for general rules for all submissions.
  • Block by Keyword - Specifically block select keywords of subject matter you're not interested in.
  • Block by Artist Name - Completely block an artist if you tend not to enjoy their content/style.

Allowed Ratings

Below is a copy/paste of "Allowed Ratings" because it's self-explanatory. Some bolds & italics added for clarity:

Choose the content ratings below that you want to see when browsing Inkbunny. Images with ratings you have not ticked will be invisible to you.
Contains mild violence or nudity
  • Nudity - Nonsexual nudity exposing breasts or genitals (must not show arousal)
  • Violence - Mild violence
Contains sex or strong violence
  • Sexual Themes - Erotic imagery, sexual activity or arousal
  • Strong Violence - Strong violence, blood, serious injury or death

Important: Each box starts out un-ticked, if you do not tick any boxes you will only see non-sexual/non-violent art (a.k.a.: "clean art").

An Example: If you generally only enjoy mild violence but not strong violence, only tick Violence under the Mature section, but leave the Strong Violence under the Adult section un-ticked.

Block By Keyword

Start by adding a keyword you'd like to block. From here you have some options:

  1. By default your chosen keyword will be blocked for all submissions. If that is the result you're looking for, just click the Add Blocked Keyword button and you're done. Repeat as needed for each keyword you'd like to block.
  2. If you want to be more specific about what intensity of submission you would like your blocked keyword to work on. Here are the 4 options (which you will notice mirrors "Allowed Ratings" exactly):
  • Nudity - Nonsexual nudity exposing breasts or genitals (must not show arousal)
  • Violence - Mild violence
  • Sexual Themes - Erotic imagery, sexual activity or arousal
  • Strong Violence - Strong violence, blood, serious injury or death
Note: Picking all four categories is the exact same as just going with the default option of applying to all submissions.
Example: You like mild biting, but nothing too bloody/gory. Type "biting" in the text field, tick the Strong Violence box, and then click the Add Blocked Keyword button.

Notice: Keyword blocking should never be considered 'foolproof'. Every opinion on how each keyword should be used is subjective. If you believe a submission is lacking an essential keyword you may politely send a private message to inform them of this. Aside from the Inkbunny moderation staff, the uploader has the final say on which keywords their submission should have. If you disagree you always have the ability to block all of their submissions (detailed in the next section).

Block Content by Artist Name

Blocking content by artist name means you will not see artwork by that artist. This is not the same as Banning that user from your account. Simply add the name of the artist who's content you'd like to block into the text field and click Block Content by this User and you're done.

Note: There is an easier way of doing this through simple navigation to their user page and clicking a specific link. The next section is dedicated to this.

Blocking Through Pages

While you can manually block keywords and user content as detailed in the previous section, perhaps an easier way is done through regular navigation, like you do most of the time.

Submission Page

Adding/Updating your keyword blocklist based off any submission is easy.

  1. Navigate down just below the image.
  2. On the left side, look for the submission's keywords.
  3. Click the link under the keywords called block by keywords.
  4. This takes you to a new page that has all the keywords that was used in that submission. Notice this page is very similar to section 1.1.2 detailed above.
  5. Tick the boxes next to the offending keywords which subject matter is something you'd rather not see.
  6. By default your selections will be applied to all submissions. If you would like to be more selective just tick the appropriate categories.
  7. Click the Add Blocked Keywords button and they will be added to your personal keyword blocklist.

Also, if desired, you can also block all submissions by the user who uploaded the current submission you're viewing by clicking the link right next to block by keywords called block by artist. This will automatically (and accurately) insert the user name into the name field of the Block Content by Artist Name page (detailed above) allowing you to avoid needing to copy/paste or remember the correct user name.

User Page

Just under the Private Message button (and other navigation buttons) near the top right of the user's profile there are two click-able links that may sound the same but are quite different:

  • Ban User - This option will deny which ever user you're currently looking at the ability to comment on your submissions, send you PMs, and basically end any possible interactions between them and yourself. However, a banned user will still be able to see your submissions.
  • Block Submissions - This is a much less drastic option, only blocking said user's submissions. They can still comment, PM, interact, etc.

In other words; you would want to Ban a malicious/abusive user - a.k.a.: troll - but only Block an artist whose submissions you disagree with.